The making of a True Love story

When I couldn't afford a ring, I began writing this story, Charlle. This is part of my proposal to Talle. She doesn't know this video or this book exists, but I am asking you or your friends to help her solve the codes and ciphers in this book that will guide her.

     "This is the making of a real True Love story. Two months after I met Talle I deployed to Iraq for the second time. Every moment I had we corresponded via emails, letters, or phone calls. We were in love, but it was new and fragile. Seven months is a long time for love to wait, especially when you have just met."

This is a collection of that correspondence. It paved the way for our relationship in a time that was very uncertain. Many of the questions and insight we discussed are true to many relationships. I look back and value these records not just because they are cherished memories, but because that is all they may have been if we hadn't corresponded. Love is what you make it. Each act of love strengthens the bonds of your relationship. You become more in love.

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