The Engagement Code

Hurry! There are four (4) ciphers used in Charlle, which will provide Talle with answers to the below questions. Those answers will lead her towards an "Interesting Proposal," but the clock is ticking! In order to get her to her destination at the right time she will need your help in solving all four codes and answering each message. Each code uses elements of the previous. The revealed message and pattern will aid you in decoding the next. If you have cracked The Engagement Code, click on any of the questions below to submit your answers.

  1. Meet me in?
  2. At this time?
  3. I'm waiting here?
  4. My question is?

Secret Codes have often been used throughout history to encrypt communications. When highly sensitive materials or in the case of relationships highly emotional issues were discussed we often deferred to coded messages to provide us with some form of security. Many relationships can relate to the feeling that they are consistently decoding their partners meaning. When we are emotional or truly care for someone many of us have difficulty clearly expressing ourselves. I have been working on saying four little words for six years. I figured why not use an age old art, codes.

Many codes and ciphers use simple patterns to encrypt their messages. You only need to figure out the pattern and breaking the code is easy. If you want to learn more about codes try - Secret Code Breakers.

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