The Benefits

Make Dreams Come True

With the resources and support you receive you will have the power to make dreams come

true. You will be in the rare position to bring love to those around you through your actions, example, and story. Your will be an inspiration for communities and neighborhoods.

10 Couples Valentine's Day!

You will have the opportunity to share the gift of love through charitable means. Once

we have all applicants we will do one mass release ostensibly on Valentine's Day 2012. With this release we will select 10 couples and help them do something wonderful with their love.

Historic Loves Are Legend

You will be part of the greatest love stories of all time. Your stories will be recorded forever

here as the bold tales that dared to love without limits. They will be shared, remembered and serve as an inspiration to anyone, who doubts wether love is real.

Exclusive Network Lifetime Membership

You will be apart of an exclusive community of 10,000 committed couples, who are all in this

together. You will be invited to private parties, receptions and events. You will have special privileges and resources to help share your love story. You may even become the subject of books, music, or movies.

Enhance Your Relationship

You strengthen the bonds of your relationship with every act of love. However, when you run

into obstacles you will have access to professional advice and when you need a little support you will have positive reinforcement from the public and the encouragement of this community.

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