What we are doing!

Love Begets Love

Many organizations work to feed hunger, distribute shoes, or build homes, but we are

the only one that works to spread love. With 10,000 ambassadors we intend to shine the light of love throughout the world. We provide them with the resources and they share the gift of love.

Love Without Limits

We expect that most of our couples perform wonderful acts of love on a daily basis, but

many struggle with limited financial means. We raise money on their behalf, so they have the ability to share their love with others through inspirational, innovative, or generous acts. Learn More.

Mission: Prove True Love Exists

We are proving true love exists through time and transparency. We will immortalize

10,000 couples committed to loving each other forever as Historic Loves. Their love story will remain on this site in perpetuity as a timeless reminder to the world that True Love is real.

How It Works

We will record, maintain, and tell the stories of the 1st 10,000 couples in love to apply.

After we have validated our couples we will reengineer our home page to display every couple with a link to their personal storyboard, where everyone can share in their magical journey through stories, photos, and videos.

The Commitment Must Be Real

Historic Loves most vital component is truly committed couples. Applicants are asked to

seal their commitment with a pledge. We expect for many of you the returns will be great, but if you are at all uncertain this adventure is not for you.

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